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What to do when your trusty camera breaks

As with any portable device, sometimes your camera can break. Either it gets dropped or bumped or wet, or sometimes they just seem to quit for no good reason. Whether it's a warranty or other service, we can help. Some minor repairs, such as sensor cleanings, firmware updates and bent CF card pins are done at the store. Repairs requiring camera disasembly are shipped to the manufacturers repair facility.





Sensor Cleaning and Other Mantainance

Our staff cleans sensors on all makes and models of Digital SLRs and Compact System Cameras. Bring in your camera to Woodward Camera for sensor cleanings. We sell the products you need to clean your camera's sensor, or drop your camera off and have us clean it for you.


Our repair staff works on all makes and models of Digital SLRs and Compact System Cameras. We can quote a price on the spot and have the camera ready in 1-2 days.* The same applies to general camera or lens cleaning, equipment checks and bench tests, although turn-around times for these services are sometimes a little longer. You can call us at the store or email the camera sales department for more information


* All turn-around times are approximate and can vary due to work load, parts availability and scheduling. Please have a fully charged battery when dropping off a camera for firmware upgrade or sensor cleaning.

Warranty Repairs

As a service to customers who purchased their equipment from Woodward Camera, we handle warranty repairs for just a minimal shipping & handling charge of $25. Just bring your dated Woodward Camera sales receipt and any pertinent warranty documents to the store, and we'll have it serviced for you by the maufacturer's factory service center. If you can't find your sales receipt just come in and we will look it up for you.


If you have a warranty issue with equipment you purchased from another store, please refer to the list on the right for information on how to contact the repair departments for manufacturers for which we are authorized dealers or whose products we have recently carried.

Non-Warranty Repairs

If your warranty has expired, repairs are usually handled on an estimate basis. We require a $50.00 deposit for most still cameras, and a $75.00 deposit for video cameras. Your camera will then be sent to our local facility or the manufacturer's service center for an estimate (about 1-3 weeks).* If you approve the estimate, your deposit is applied towards the cost of the repair. Repairs generally take about two weeks after approval, unless parts need to be ordered.


 If you decline the estimate, the deposit covers shipping and handling costs. If you decide to replace your equipment with a new model, we would, as a courtesy allow you to apply half of your deposit toward a replacement purchase. The unrepaired camera is then shipped back to our store for you to pick up. In the interest of speeding up the process, some manufacturers have arranged a flat price for service, based on camera model. This is quoted at the store when you bring in your camera or lens and is prepaid when you drop it off. It usually saves about 2 weeks time.


Non-Warranty Repairs for Older Models or Minor Repairs

Oakland Photographic is a local camera repair shop that does repairs on-site. If a repair does not require a complete disassembly they may be able to fix it at a lower cost than the manufacturer. They also work on older camera models (both film and digital) and movie & slide projectors. You can contact them at:



30575 Dequindre (just south of 13 Mile)



* All turn-around times are approximate and can vary due to work load, parts availability and scheduling.

Please have a fully charged battery when dropping off a camera for firmware upgrade or sensor cleaning.



You can also bring in your digital camera to have its firmware updated to the most current version. If you want to update your camera yourself, visit our firmware page for a link to download the latest firmware from most manufacturers.


Firmware is the operating program for your camera. Just as your computer's operating system software (i.e. Windows or Mac Tiger) constantly requires downloaded patches from Microsoft or Apple, your camera's program may need to be updated from time to time. We have provided links to make it easier for you to download firmware updates for the camera companies for whom Woodward Camera is a dealer. Please read and follow the instructions provided by your camera manufacturer and remember to always have a fully charged battery when upgrading your camera firmware.


Some cameras require more than one file to upgrade thier firmware. Check your owner's manual and the website carefully when you download the file(s). If you are unsure about performing a firmware upgrade yourself you may bring your camera into Woodward Camera and we can do it for you.*





At the Canon site select your: Catagory, product type, and model of camera from the drop down lists and the page that loads will display your camera's firmware version (if any) that is available for download. Click on the firmware you want to download and follow the instructions.

Clicking this link will bring you directly to the casio download page. Find your camera on the list and click on the model name. After the page with the instructions and terms, Casio requires you to enter the serial number of your camera to continue. (Silly, I know, but...)

On Fuji's download page, you'll first choose the type of camera or lens and then your model. Clicking the link for your camera model will bring you to a page explaining what will be modified by the firmware as well as some silly legaleeze about you not pirating their firmware. Click "yes, I agree" and you will get to the instructions for downloading and updating your firmware.





Nikon USA has greatly improved their support site so our link now directs you there. It is actually now the simplest interface for this purpose. Kudos to the Nikon IT department for their work.


Just scroll down the page to find your camera model and click on the firmware version number to download the file(s).


Each link on the Olympus Software Downloads area of their site will bring you to a new webpage Select Digital Cameras from the list of equipment and then the series of camera (the letter that begins your camera's model number). Click on your camera model and choose your computer operating system and any available updates will be listed on the resulting page.

Our Panasonic link takes you directly to their downloads page. Click on the download link next to your model on the chart and a pop-up window will open with what issues the update addresses and two links to download firmware. Then click the download button under your computers operating system to start the download.




Select your camera model from the drop-box list in which it appears and click on the "Go" button next to the drop-box. At the bottom of the instruction page that loads will be links to download the firmware in either Windows or Mac format.

If your Sigma camera has a firmware update it should be listed on the page that loads from our link.


You can also download Sigma software from the same page. Most importantly to our customers is the SIGMA Optimization Pro Software which lets you use the Sigma UB-01 to upgrade or enhance any Sigma lens from the Sigma Global Vision product lines. The other software downloads have to do with updated RAW file conversion for Sigma Camera image files, camera control software.

Sony has one of the simplest sites for finding your firmware. Choose type, series and model for the drop down lists or just type in a part of the model number in the search box.


They also have the longest legal document on their "I Agree" button page. Don't worry, it's pretty much the same as everyone elses and unless you're pirating software to build your own cameras, there's nothing to worry about. I think Sony just has more lawyers.


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