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Woodward Camera regularly offers a selection of photography classes to help you make the most out of your picture taking. Our new series of classes offers something for every photographer, from the beginner to the advanced hobbiest our professional instructor will teach you the skills you need to take creative control of your images.

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Intro to Photography

Have an interest in learning a new hobby? This intro class is an excellent opportunity to have your questions answered! You will learn camera operations, image storage, camera modes, camera safety, and numerous photo tips


Curious about how lighting can elevate your photography? This lighting class discusses techniques, modifiers, and more! The class also includes time for hands on learning. This is a great opportunity to refine your lighting knowledge or to learn something new!

Beyond the Basics

Want to learn more about your favorite hobby? This Beyond Basics class will further your photography knowledge. You will explore manual shooting & advanced techniques! You also will learn ways of adding gear to your collection within your budget.

One On One Training

Need help understanding how to operate your digital camera? You can schedule a one-on-one training session with one of our knowledgeable camera sales staff. These sessions are for those who need a little help with how to operate their camera. After you attend our Intro To Digital camera class with your new camera, if you want a little extra personal training with your particular model, call us to arrange an individual lesson.

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