What to do when your camera breaks?

About Equipment Repair

As with any portable device, sometimes your camera can break. Either it gets dropped or bumped or wet, or sometimes they just seem to quit for no good reason. Whether it's a warranty or other service, we can help. Maintenance, such as sensor cleanings and firmware updates are done at the store. Repairs requiring camera disassembly are shipped to the manufacturers repair facility.

Equipment we DO facilitate repairs on;

Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm

Equipment we DO NOT facilitate repairs on;

Tamron, Sigma, Sony, Olympus.

Alternative Recommendations for Repairs

Sony & Olympus can be sent back to the manufacturer or Precision Camera.

Tamron & Sigma should be sent back to the original manufacturer. 

Midwest Camera Repair in Wyandotte, MI - They repairs digital equipment, Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Sony, Leica, Kodak, Contax, Konica Minolta. And SLR Cameras, Olympus,  Fujifilm, Yashica, Pentax, Ricoh. 

Kenmar Camera Repair in Shelby Township, MI can repair film cameras, and does a great job!


Sensor Cleaning & Other Maintenance 

Facilitated on site at Woodward Camera in 24-48 hours.

Our staff cleans sensors on all makes and models of Digital SLRs and Compact System Cameras. Bring in your camera to Woodward Camera for sensor cleanings. We sell the products you need to clean your camera's sensor, or drop your camera off and have us clean it for you.

Our crew works on all makes and models of Digital SLRs and Compact System Cameras. We can quote a price on the spot and have the camera ready in 1-2 days.* The same applies to general camera or lens cleaning and functionality checks, although turn-around times for these services are sometimes a little longer. You can call us at the store or email the camera sales department for more information.

* All turn-around times are approximate and can vary due to work load, parts availability and scheduling. Please have a fully charged battery when dropping off a camera for firmware upgrade or sensor cleaning.