Shoebox scans

Let us help preserve all of your precious memories, new or old! All scanning is done in-house on one of our own high quality scanners. This ensures that your images will never leave the care of our trained specialists, and guarantees quality and a fast turn-around time.

It couldn't be easier!

For just $79.99

  • Pick up one of our pre-made shoeboxes, or simply use one of your own
  • Fill your shoebox with up to 500 prints, in any size from wallets to 8"x12"
  • Bring your shoebox back to the store, and we'll take care of the rest!

Also, ask us about some of our other scanning services such as:

  • Negative or Slide Film(35mm, 120/220, Large Format)
  • Small & Medium Prints
  • Large Prints & Artwork