First Time Renters - you will be required to fill out a credit card authorization form upon your first rental which includes a copy of your I.D. and your credit card information. Please read and understand our terms and conditions which include our late fee process, information about deposits and our loyalty program, which will also be on the credit card authorization form.




All cancellations made within 24 hours of pick up are subject to the full rental reservation fee.

Late Rental Returns:

The renter will be charged one day’s rental if the gear is two hours late. There are no discounts on rental late fees. The renter will then be charged every 24 hours, increasing 50% of the value of one day’s rental, each time up to 72 hours late. At 72 hours, any deposit on file will be taken as payment towards the rental equipment, and we will charge the remaining value of the rental equipment to the card on file. In addition, you will not be able to rent from Woodward Camera again. Late fees accumulated by the renter are final and cannot be refunded. Late Fee Accrual Example for $30/Day Rental:

  • 2 Hrs - $30 Charge
  • 24 Hrs - $45 Charge ($75 total)
  • 48 Hrs - $60 Charge ($135 total)
  • 72 Hrs - $75 Charge ($210 total) + Value of Equipment

Our ability to trust you as a renter is dependent on your ability to be on time and be a good communicator in cases where you will not be on time.

If you think you may be late, please contact us immediately. Contacting us lets us know you still intend on returning the rental item(s), and it allows us to contact the next renter of the item(s) you’re using to arrange for an alternate rental item(s) if possible.

We will contact you as soon as you are late and every 24 hour interval following your rental return time until we hear from you. If you are more than 48 hours late in returning your rental, and we have not been able to reach you, we will assume that you are not intending to return your rental. 

We will attempt to obtain payment for the remaining balance of the rental item along with any late fees, and if we are unable to obtain payment, we will report the item(s) as stolen. If you fail to return a rental item, we will not rent equipment to you again.

What Happens When You Return a Rental Late Multiple Times?

Please let us know if you will be late in returning your rental. We understand that life happens and depending on how late you are and the circumstances that caused you to be late, we may choose to waive the late fee, especially if you do not have a pattern of being late.

If you fail to notify us that you will be late, your rental is over 30 minutes late, or you have a pattern of being late, the following penalties will be assessed:

  • First Offense: You will be charged a late fee
  • Second Offense: You will be charged a late fee, AND if you're a member of our Loyalty Program, you will be removed from the program and will be required to pay a deposit for all future rentals
  • Third Offense: You will be charged a late fee, AND you will no longer be permitted to rent with us

Stolen Lost or Damaged Rental Equipment:

The renter agrees to assume full responsibility for all rental equipment and also agrees to compensate Woodward Camera for any and all equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged. This includes paying for all repairs up to the full replacement value of the equipment if it is damaged beyond repair and paying full replacement value for stolen or lost equipment. 

What is a Rental Deposit?

A Rental Deposit is an Authorization Hold made on a credit card to be used as collateral for the duration of the rental. Upon return of the rental equipment, we will refund the rental deposit to your credit card provided that the equipment is returned complete with all accessories, on-time, and in the same condition.

Deposits can only be made with a credit card or in cash. If a credit card is used, it must match the credit card used to book the reservation and match the name of the Renter or the Renter’s Designated Representative. Debit cards and checks are not accepted for rental deposit payments.

When Are Deposits Required?

Depending on your Rental Program Status and the value of the equipment you are renting, we may assess a 50-100% deposit for renters who are not part of our Loyalty Program.

Even with Loyalty Program status, certain high dollar rental items may be subject to a deposit.

Loyalty Program:

We do not require a deposit from renters who are part of our Loyalty Program. To qualify, renters must be approved, which can take up to 72 hours. Please contact the store or ask an associate for information while in the store to apply.


Insurance Coverage is the responsibility of the renter and is strongly recommended due to the high replacement value of most equipment. As the renter, you assume full responsibility and are completely liable for the condition of the rental equipment while it is in your possession. Insurance coverage is suggested for high-value or high-risk equipment. Proof of insurance may be requested prior to the rental, and must include the following:

  • Be "all risk" or equal to the total replacement value of all the rented equipment
  • Name Woodward Camera as the sole "loss payee"
  • Be the primary source of insurance coverage
  • Be on file with Woodward Camera before the rental begins

Equipment Pick-up & Drop-off:

  • Picking Up Equipment
        • We pull reservations the morning of. If you made the reservation the day of, it is possible that the equipment has not been prepared and will need to be pulled and cleaned before you can take it. 
        • Please set aside time for pick-up’s as we will always go over equipment with you during the pick-up process and charge a deposit if necessary.  
        • It is highly recommended that you inspect all rental equipment at the time of pickup. Our routine inspections catch most problems; however, it is possible to miss something. Please report any issues you notice with the equipment immediately. The renter is responsible for any damage to the rental equipment, and failure to immediately report equipment problems may result in repair or replacement charges of the rental equipment.
  • Dropping Off Equipment
      • During the drop off we will inspect the equipment before you leave. Please budget adequate time for the drop off as there is sometimes a line. We will work with our team to get you in and out as soon as possible.